Monday, March 10, 2014

5 Things that only Happen when You are drunk

Anyone who says "drunk words are sober thoughts" must not drink that much. Actually is more like "drunk words are the warped garbling of an intoxicated individual"

1. You put on something you'd never have the guts to ordinarily wear and feel like 'Sex PrincessQueen'
 Yeah, you can definitely wear that shirt as a dress!! 

2. You text the person listed in your phone as DO NOT TEXT. Or, in my case, Give the Phone to Carmo (my best friend and co-blogger of Nylon Street)

3. You really don't care about taking an expensive cab ride. I'm talking about potentially crossing state lines. 'That will be eleventeen thousand euros' says the taxi driver. 'Okay!' you slur, and take a selfie to finish it! 

4. The after-party carbo load is basically your true dinner.

5. Try to kiss someone and then if they turn you down start crying. WHAT? I mean, I've never done this because I know what boys like; I know what guys want ( NO, I DON'T, I have no f*ing idea)

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