Thursday, February 6, 2014

Supermodel Robyn Lawley - She's on her way to "ending the thigh-gap obsession"

"Plus-size" supermodel Robyn Lawley talks the March issue of Australian Cosmopolitan, and she says she'd rather not be called "plus-size" anymore, thanks very much.(She's on her way to "ending the thigh-gap obsession" as the cover lines outs.) 
In her interview Lawley says to the magazine: "Personally, I hate the term plus-size. It's ridiculous and derogatory — it puts women down and it puts a label on them." And I totally agree!! I mean PLEASE... look at her! she look amazing and plus-size is not the words that come to mind! She also said; 
"Women love seeing women they can relate to," she continues. "It's not about the tiny 19 year-old model with no personality. People want to see curvier girls. 'Plus-size' modeling is in itself [a] very small [industry] — they just need more girls to do it, and more amazing straight-sized models going into it."
I personally agree with her!
plus-size is a derogatory term for anyone! super model or not! So YOU GO GIRL! tear down the thigh-gap obsession!!!

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  1. She is beautiful!

    The Cutielicious